Mar. 31st, 2010

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Sometimes you'll find a fic that seriously just gives you goosebumps and is so perfect that it instantaneously gives you so much pleasure in having found it and faith in fandom as a whole again. I just read one of those. It was a beautiful fic where the boys bond to fill each other up with each other so there is, quite literally, no room for Lucifer or Michael. It is seriously the best bonded-boys fic I have ever read and it almost moved me to tears. If the show could go down that route, that fic is the one I'd want them to go by. I know they'd never be able to do the sex but the bond part of it...I just, God, I'm so awestruck right now. /floats away
I will be rec'cing it at [ profile] wincest_recs for all those interested. [It is a rather new one, too, based off of season five so some of you may have already read it.]

In other news I am really hot and I even have the fan blowing on me. :| Stupid cramps and time of the month. I hate you.


I also read some major spoilers today from TV Guide for the 100th episode and it sounds like it's gonna be REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLYY good. Like, really good. But angsty; incredibly angsty. There's a few spoilers that are making me more :/ than :D but I'm sure it'll all work out. I've got so much faith in the show it's kind of pathetic.

Tonight was the wrap party, I think! I wonder if The Impalas performed again and if there'll be vids. :D [I love how at the LA con breakfast Jensen was all mock-surprised "How do YOU guys know about the Impalas? " lol. Oh Jensen like we WOULDN'T know.]

I can't believe it's almost the end of season 5...seems like it was just starting. -cries- Thank GOD we have a season six or I would be a wreck right now. I wonder how the boys feel about it; if they're excited, nervous or just indifferent. Maybe they're glad to be going back or wish it would have ended - not sure. Either way I hope they're happy with it!

Had a dream last night too about a Con. xDD Like I made some girl cry somehow and Jensen wouldn't give me a hug and kept running up stairs to get away from me and I kept following begging and crying saying how sorry I was and that I usually never act like that. Then eventually he kinda held out his arms and I, for some reason, started to lean forward to kiss his lips but kissed his cheek instead and hugged him. I could FEEL the softness of his cheek, it was weird. I remember hugging Jared somewhere outside too and it was awkward cause I was gonna put my arms around his waist but then changed to neck at the last minute and it made him fumble a bit.
Of course it was a lot more complex than that as all dreams are and very confusing. But the thing is I was kinda off all day today because of it; I can't describe it even but the fact I made Jensen upset and he wouldn't hug me and was trying to get away from me really depressed me. But yet he still kinda acted like him...sorta. Like I had to keep telling myself that that DIDN'T HAPPEN and I have never even met Jensen and I highly doubt he would run away from me but IDK. I can't explain! I wish I could; it's so complex.

*sigh* My dreams are so weird. I went to bed dreaming about a con and how much fun it would be to go to one and see the boys [I'd never be able to do a photo op anyways; I find them kinda awkward] and all that, then end up having a nightmare about it. :|
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She was one of the ONLY ones who could sing this year and she deserves to go home? This soon?! REALLY?! No one else besides her Siobhan and Crystal can even hit a note yet SHE DESERVES TO GO HOME?! She should have been in the top three. And screw you judges; screw you for being so fucking DEAF.

God I fucking hate this.


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