Jun. 4th, 2010

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People are going to be upset.

For some people it is their all, their only pairing - their OTP. I'm sure most people know it's only fandom and not to actually be taken literally but even if they don't that's really no need for the things I've seen said. The two guys they love with all their heart got married and it wasn't to each other - people are going to be devastated and the devastation is going to last for a while. It's not going to just go away. I know you wish fandom was perfect and that people would just get over it but it doesn't work that way, life doesn't work that way.
People are upset and they're going to be upset for as long as they want until they feel better about it or can rationalize it. Saying you want them to stop because it's embarassing you and making you sad for fandom is really kind of ridiculous and it's not going to do anything but make people a little pissed that they're not allowed to feel what they want but yet you're allowed to say what they're feeling is wrong. The pictures just came out and I'm sure the sadness is not even halfway over - it may even last the entire summer. Who knows how long it'll take people to get over it. I'm sure talk itself will die down after a week but the feeling will still be there in some fans, it won't have gone away. I really just think it's unfair to be so judgemental and tsk-tsk on people because they got more emotional than you. Now, there is a line of course, between emotional and irrational and if people go so far as to wish ill-will on the girls or even the boys themselves than yes, that is too far. But if people are simply being sad, moping a bit or making semi-whiny posts I really don't get the harm in that. J2 is their pairing and it's what they believed in and while most of the time it's easy to differentiate between fandom and RL canon sometimes - like these - it's not. I mean marraige is a big thing, it means all fic now will have to be AUs, in the past or divorce fics. Things change majorly - or can change majorly - after a marraige.

I am, personally, over it. I've come to terms with it in the last 24 hours and am perfectly fine and will go on reading j2 - new and old. I know others are not going to bounce back quite as quickly as me and that's fine. Everyone will cope and deal in different ways and trying to spur on the healing process because it'll make you feel better and less embarassed is kind of sad. Just let them be upset, let them whine and bitch - whatever they need to move on. After that's done and out of the way, they'll be able to realize it happened and it's not going to just go away and move on, too.

What I'm trying to say is - don't think your feelings are more important or valid than others. You may be embarassed of fandom right now for acting the way it is but I'm sure those who are still upset are embarassed themselves and probably a little hurt. I know some arent going to understand why people are so depressed with these events but they are and, to me, they have a bit of a right to be. J2 is pretty epic. But, in real life, they are now married and it's to two girls - Gen and Danneel - not to each other so a bit of the fun in fandom probably feels like it's gone and died. It hasn't though, I can assure you that - after all this moping fandom will - hopefully - be back bigger and better than ever. with an abundance of divorce fics

Just keep on living and do what you do, peeps; don't try to change others to fit what you want.

Ye not judge!

If I offended you in this post because you're one of the ones that's upset by how people are taking the pictures then I'm sorry but, you ranted in your journals, now I'm ranting in mine. No harm was truly meant to any of you and I feel no feelings of anger at all about it. I'm just trying to get everyone on the same level and come to terms with whats gone down in, hopefully, a reasonable way without starting the blaming game.

That is all.


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