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Okay, so I cleared out my friends-list today of people that didn't comment. I kept some that didn't anyway just cuz, well, I wanted to...heh

Beneath the cut is the list of usernames I deleted.

You may add me back, but you must promise to be more active in commenting on entries. Promise this and I will re-add you.

If you don't want to re-friend me, please just do me the courtesy of unadding me. It's annoying to see Friend Of at the bottom of the page. I'd like to have as few usernames as possible there.

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Clearing out my Friends-List!

Rules (Rules? whatever) are simple. If you don't want to be cut, simply comment here. You can say anything. Poop. Period. Dog. Sexy. Whatever. As long as you comment.
My list is getting too cumbersome for me and I don't like having all these friends that I never hear from.

I also deleted everyone off my list that I had friended but not been done so back. ^^

To all those whom have added me and I have not added back, it is because you have not commented on my friends-only journal post. YOU NEED TO DO THAT FOR ME TO ADD YOU!

I'm going to start deleting friends as of tomorrow. right now. I changed my mind. I'm going to start deleting anyone I don't want on my friends-list anymore or just people I never hear from.

If you happened to be gone when I did this clean out, just tell me and then re-add me because I will most certainly re-add you. :]


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