May. 17th, 2010 10:24 am
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I'm going to fucking sob. I just saw a spoiler for Season six from Jensen in an article from Brazil and I think I'm going to puke while crying.

If you want to see it, click the cut. SPOILERS FOR SEASON SIX UNDER THE CUT!



May. 15th, 2010 12:28 am
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Usually, I try not to let people's opinions bug me but sometimes I fail. Today is one of those times.

I am, for one, irritated that so many people thought that last night should have been the last episode of show. All I can say to that is REALLY?! After all they've been through and all they've sacrificed and gave up, you'd be happy with a fucking tragic ending? No, it's not bittersweet, it's tragic. No one got what they wanted and everyone went home sad. [sure the world lived but that's not what this show is about.] It's about Sam and Dean. Together. Last I checked they weren't together when it ended. Yes Dean did what Sam asked - what he made him promise to do, which I now fully agree with and respect, but beyond that loyalty to Sam - I truly believe Dean has no other feelings towards Lisa. It would literally make no sense. Lisa herself even said in S3 something to the extent of "Who are you? We hooked up over a weekend like a million years ago." Exactly, Show, exactly. She's nothing to Dean. Hell, Cassie meant more to him than she does and yet they're trying to make it seem like Lisa is the new Jess, but for Dean. I'm not buying it and I never will; Ben be damned.

So all of ya'll saying 'Well now Dean can be happy and live with Lisa and Sam is happy because Dean's doing what he wants blah blah' can just SHUT YER TRAP! Dean is not happy with Lisa and Dean WILL NOT ever be happy with her, truly. It's not in him to settle down - especially without Sam. He may be living an apple pie life but it's not real and it's not true to who he is or what show is all about - and it isn't even want Sam wants. We all know that what he truly desires is Dean by his side like always but he's putting what he believes to be Dean's happiness before himself and is 'making a sacrifice' by giving him up to Lisa. Newsflash Sam; DEAN DOESN'T WANT LISA! HE WANTS YOU! STOP MAKING THE STUPID DECISIONS LIKE YOU DID IN S3, GUYS. SERIOUSLY.

Sooo yeah. It's not a happy ending or even a relatively peaceful ending and I would never EVER be satisfied with it had it been the true finale. I would have thought everyone would like the show to end on a high note when it does finally reach its time but I thought wrong, I guess. I just pray to God we get an honest to God peaceful - if not full on happy - ending to S6.

Though it seems like half the fandom won't even be watching S6 now. :| *sighs*

I truly was not trying to offend anyone with this I'm just extremely tired, frustrated and I spent most of the day crying and/or sad. I barely got any sleep last night and my birthday is this weekend and I'm not looking forward to it. All I wanna do is crawl in a hole and sleep. :/

I read a few codas today but I need more. A lot fucking more. And a whole crap load of happy lovey-dovey schmoop fic. I'm just...not happy right now.

It's not even the show I'm really that unhappy with anymore - it's more just the fandom now with all the stupid wank and whining. I'm still unbelievably sad but I've also come to terms with it and I know that it will all resolve itself in S6 - which I am still very much looking forward to, by the way, and plan on watching till the end.

I want September to be here now.
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I've had a bit of time to calm down, though I think I need more. Way more but at least I'm not uncontrollably sobbing anymore. I managed to stifle it to small cries every so often. I at least needed to get to this stage because I knew this was going to be rather long and I knew I couldn't type it through a shield of tears and snot.

I...just...I really have no words. This is not going to be a regular review. Because I know many - like myself - are REALLY upset, this is more going to be an optimistic lets-look-at-the-good-things and run with them post.

I just have to thank my dad too -which I already did - for being there with me. If it weren't for him I'd still be a sobbing, bawling mess on the floor. He doesn't understand me being so emotional and was a little stand-offish at first but then he came and hugged me and we worked out some theories and he said some things that, ultimately, will make me feel better when I can think a little straighter. Right now though my brain is just kind of...mush. I really can't feel anything or think anything other than sadness and how fucking hard this summer is going to be to get through now.

And now, for your consideration, the Supernatural finale review-ish post.

Swan Song )


Edit: Took me an hour and a half to write this. Jesus. :p

go to hell

Feb. 6th, 2009 03:22 pm
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I hope whomever reported my story on deviantart gets run over by a truck and goes to fucking hell. SCREW YOU!

Good God I fucking hate people. Because of some stupid ass cunt who's probably a homophobe, i'm banned from deviantart for two fucking weeks.


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