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So, wow, uhm.....Well.

This ep went a little differently than planed/expected, but, overall, not too disappointed I guess. Just a little O_o.

Make that a lot 0_o.



You two have the most tangled up unhealthy thing )
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Sometimes you'll find a fic that seriously just gives you goosebumps and is so perfect that it instantaneously gives you so much pleasure in having found it and faith in fandom as a whole again. I just read one of those. It was a beautiful fic where the boys bond to fill each other up with each other so there is, quite literally, no room for Lucifer or Michael. It is seriously the best bonded-boys fic I have ever read and it almost moved me to tears. If the show could go down that route, that fic is the one I'd want them to go by. I know they'd never be able to do the sex but the bond part of it...I just, God, I'm so awestruck right now. /floats away
I will be rec'cing it at [ profile] wincest_recs for all those interested. [It is a rather new one, too, based off of season five so some of you may have already read it.]

In other news I am really hot and I even have the fan blowing on me. :| Stupid cramps and time of the month. I hate you.


I also read some major spoilers today from TV Guide for the 100th episode and it sounds like it's gonna be REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLYY good. Like, really good. But angsty; incredibly angsty. There's a few spoilers that are making me more :/ than :D but I'm sure it'll all work out. I've got so much faith in the show it's kind of pathetic.

Tonight was the wrap party, I think! I wonder if The Impalas performed again and if there'll be vids. :D [I love how at the LA con breakfast Jensen was all mock-surprised "How do YOU guys know about the Impalas? " lol. Oh Jensen like we WOULDN'T know.]

I can't believe it's almost the end of season 5...seems like it was just starting. -cries- Thank GOD we have a season six or I would be a wreck right now. I wonder how the boys feel about it; if they're excited, nervous or just indifferent. Maybe they're glad to be going back or wish it would have ended - not sure. Either way I hope they're happy with it!

Had a dream last night too about a Con. xDD Like I made some girl cry somehow and Jensen wouldn't give me a hug and kept running up stairs to get away from me and I kept following begging and crying saying how sorry I was and that I usually never act like that. Then eventually he kinda held out his arms and I, for some reason, started to lean forward to kiss his lips but kissed his cheek instead and hugged him. I could FEEL the softness of his cheek, it was weird. I remember hugging Jared somewhere outside too and it was awkward cause I was gonna put my arms around his waist but then changed to neck at the last minute and it made him fumble a bit.
Of course it was a lot more complex than that as all dreams are and very confusing. But the thing is I was kinda off all day today because of it; I can't describe it even but the fact I made Jensen upset and he wouldn't hug me and was trying to get away from me really depressed me. But yet he still kinda acted like him...sorta. Like I had to keep telling myself that that DIDN'T HAPPEN and I have never even met Jensen and I highly doubt he would run away from me but IDK. I can't explain! I wish I could; it's so complex.

*sigh* My dreams are so weird. I went to bed dreaming about a con and how much fun it would be to go to one and see the boys [I'd never be able to do a photo op anyways; I find them kinda awkward] and all that, then end up having a nightmare about it. :|
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Okay so I ended up not going to school today cause I have a friend - mah gay one! :D - coming over tomorrow and I'm still sick so I was hoping more rest would help and it did. I'm feeling lots better.

But this is not what this post is about! It's about THE EPICNESS THAT WAS SUPERNATURAL THURSDAY! :DDDD



Omg you guys I accidentally backspaced and I LITERALLY SCREAMED AND HAD A HEART ATTACK. MY HEART IS RACING OMG I WAS SO FREAKED OUT. Luckily the restore save draft? thing popped up. THANK THE FUCKKING LORD. Just look beneath the cut for the monstrosity that this post is and see why I was flipping out so much. -tries to breath again-

EDIT: Just saw three clips for next weeks episode and OH. MY. GOD. I AM DYING SO MUCH RIGHT NOW! I am seriously shaking and shivering and just omg it looks SO. GOOD! I got tears in my eyes though. :( THIS SHOOOWWWWWW! I WANT NEXT THURSDAY NOW!
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So today I've had a very good day; first off I got my new computer and my dad set it up and it's SO uber duber extremely fast. Its like, ridic. But let's instead TALK ABOUT THE AWESOME SAUCE THAT WAS THIS SUPERNATURAL EP OMFG!


My Bloody Valentine )

Anyways, school was dull. Though my essay was picked by the teacher to be used as an example for class. She had to ask me out into the hall to make sure that was okay, I was so freaked out I'd done something wrong. lmao

Tomorrow is gonna suck ass though cause I got two quizzes - the Algebra one I'm going to fail, I already know - and gotta write another essay. Bleeehhh Ah well, I'll just think about the epicnesss that was tonight and all shall be well.

I SWEAR TO GOD IF JENSEN GETS THE ROLE OF CAPTAIN AMERICA I WILL SHIT MY PANTS. That means in 2012 he would be in The Avengers with ROBERT DOWNEY FUCKING JR and I will shit AND vomit at the same time. Oh yeah. You drink up that mental image.

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Hey guys, so I was watching Ten Inch Hero today - my fave bits with Priestly - and decided I'd like to share. I know there's people that haven't seen it that I want to, so, here's a download link.

Feel free to spread it around on your own flist or whatever. In my opinion EVERYONE should see this movie. haha Not only is Jensen in eyeliner, he wears a fucking kilt. Yeah. He went there. :p

Anyways, the Christmas Cottage movie with Jared is on now but I'm gonna wait till 10 to watch it when it's over so I can skip the commercials. xD

Muse is going to be on SNL tonight, so if you like them check it out! I'm pretty excited for it myself, they always sound amazing live.

In the meantime I think I'm just gonna play a little GTA Liberty City stories. ;] I used to play that game when I was, like, 12 and I called it The Driving Game. I didn't do any of the storylines or anything, I just drove around and stole cars. haha [And slept with the prostitutes.]

I downloaded Ke$ha's cd annnd I like it; it's pretty cool. I have a feeling she's the type of singer who's more of an entertainer live and sounds like shit live, but, whatever. Her songs are all about sex drugs or partying soooo yeah. I likes.

Uhhhhh, well, I'm at a loss. I think I'll just browse around for some userpics to upload; I still haven't done that and I can do 102 now. YEEESSSS!
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So last night my dad and I were watching The Simpsons and thank God for that cause we found out KDSM is not going to be on Mediacom after December 31st. And where we live, we're too far down and behind too many trees that we can't get a satellite dish. Soooo we'll have to buy an antennae and box - because the t.v. we have doesn't have a tuner - and it's gonna cost loadsa. SCREW YOU MEDIACOM, I FCKING HAATE YOUUUU! :|

And it's currently -0.0 degrees, according to weatherbug. haha How can it be -0? Wouldn't it just be 0?


I was hoping for a delay but no, our school is evil. I think if the apocalypse had started and demons started eating people in the streets, we would STILL have school. Cause Lord knows none of them would go after the teachers. Meheeeeee

Oh and I want to do some sort of survey thing later on this week/early next week but fiiirrsst I need to know who reads fanfiction and who here reads Wincest/J2. So plleeasseee, when you pass this if you could just take a few seconds to answer the questions then I would know whether or not it'd be worth it to do the poll I want to in the future.
Thanks guys!

[Poll #1499342]Obviously if you don't read fanfiction then there's no reason for you to do the 'what fanfiction do you read' and just click no if you want, or just skip this post.
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Thanks to [ profile] klutzy_girl I now know that Supernatural re-runs are going to start airing with the Pilot on TNT 10 AM ET, on Jan 4th. Unfoooortunately, I stil have sucky school so I will never be able to watch them, and recording them is pointless seeing as I have all the DVDs. :| So not amused. They couldn't have put them on at a later time? I mean, really? I'd like to flip through channels and just randomly see SPN but nooooo. I was always curious as to whether or not this would happen - I mean, I always wondered why I never saw re-runs on and nooowww it happens and I won't be able to watch. This. This is why school is the Devil. :|

This hellatus is seriously killing me; I've been rewatching episodes like mad lately. I think I watched that 'promise' scene in Playthings like fifty times last night. Especially after reading that in the original script they were supposed to lean their forheads together but apparently the director - damn whomever that is - thought it was 'too much.' DAMN YOOUUUUU! We barely get enough brotherly luff as it is and now you're taking more from us that WAS in the script? SCREWWW YOUUUUU!
January 21st is so far away.

I dled Blonde last night so now I can finally watch that epic Jensen-in-kimono dancing bit. hehehehe No, I still haven't watched it and I won't have time to tonight either. :[

Anyone noticed how hard it is to find decent Supernatural wallpapers? I have. So if you happen to know of some good ones, please, throw 'em my way. I beg of you.


Tomorrow is back to school. Le bleh. I'm hoping for a day off on Tuesday though because it's only supposed to be 8 degrees and normally we don't have school when it's that cold out. Who knows though. I just gotta get through this week and then it's two weeks of xmas break.
The second week I'll be going to Arizona so I wont be online at all unless I can get to San Manuel's miniscule library; my grandfather refuses to get a computer.

Anyways, Adam's going to be on Conan tomorrow and I is exciiitteeee!

So yeah....what's up with all of you? haha
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So today did not feel like all. haha But, alas, it is, and so now I got the weekend off.

I finally finished re-watching season three of Supernatural today. My dad just left and we finished the last episode together - he's already watched like every ep with me. And it's a good thing he was here or else I probably would have started crying again. I can't stand it when Dean dies in Mystery Spot, goes to hell or the end and beginning of AHBL 1 & 2. I just...gjlawejrlawejr

And the parts - especially in the last ep of season three - when they talk about being each others weaknesses and just that whole speech before they leave to get Lillith is just pretty much a Wincest-ers wet dream. haha And, I am, so I always love those talks. :D Hee. It's true what I read once that even if you read well written gen that stays true to characaters it's STILL like Wincest, to a point, because their lives are all about each other and no one else. So...yeah. It's totally the OTP. [Sorry, not a fan of Dean/Castiel AT ALL.] Funny thing is my dad knows I ship it so he's always making fun of what they say to each other and when they say 'you're my weakness' he goes 'you're my g-spot.' It never fails to crack me up that he seems fine/goes along with my crazy ships. ;]

Anywaaaaaaaaays, we got so much snow right now; and it's sooo fucking cold out, it's insane. Luckily we shouldn't be getting anymore for the next few days so hopefully this 'warmer' - shyeah 30 degrees - weather should get rid of some of it. I hate the ice though and I'm already tip-toeing through the school parking lot. This is gonna suuccckkk.

So I've been making icons for the past few days and I dunno whether I should post them...I dont' really think they're all that good, really. The one I'm using for this entry I made and all the others are from Bedtime Stories, as well, but the coloring's not the same in all of them.

And I still have a few plot bunnies for fics that I don't know whether I'll write or not. I still don't think I'm that great of a writer either.

Adam went to the z100's Jingle Ball tonight and hosted and was just pretty, as usual. Heres my fave pic from it. Oh, and remind me not to read comments anywhere but at the IDF forums cause I'm so sick of wanting to kill people that say things like 'he's a waste of breath.' Ignorant people. -shoots them all-

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So the storm ended up not being quite as horrendous as expected - yeah there was still a shit ton of snow but the electricity stayed on. We got around 15 inches of snow here and around 16 further up north, I believe.

Spent the afternoon re-watching Supernatural Season 3 [can I just say Jensen looked MIGHTY fine that season? I mean, he always looks hot, but, dayum.] Also managed to scrounge up a 7 page story for my Creative Writing class that was supposed to be due when we get back, buuutt, we also don't have school tomorrow so BOOYAAAHHH and it's due Friday, along with ANOTHER paper I gotta write. -sigh- I wish he'd push the due date back.
So it'll now be three days I haven't been to school; and it rocks. ;P

Watched the Lady Gaga and Adam parts on the Barbara Walter's special; all in all, uneventful. Gaga on her sexuality and why she's so weird and Adam on the AMAs. He's gonna be on the View tomorrow and I'll actually be home to see it tomorrow when it's on so YAAAAAAY! haha

You know what I want? Like, really really bad? A paid account. haha I'm so sick of having 15 userpics and not being able to edit comments because I make SO MANY errors and it frustrates me to have to just reply to my own comment like a dork. 'Suppose that could be easily fixed by just re-reading through it first but...naaaah; I just type it up, tab, then enter.
Anyways, I asked my dad for one for xmas but whether or not he'll remember, who knows.

After giving it a few days I can officially say I like the new HIM single. I don't know if it's up to love yet, surprisingly enough cause usually I love everything Ville does haha. I doooo adore the beginning though; the band is so amazing. I love all of 'em. -squishes them in lurve- I am major excited for the album though in Feb; anxious to see if it's gonna be backtracking to the RR sound, or maybe LM. I'm guessing more RR , but, who knows yet. I JUST HOPE VILLE GROWS OUT HIS HAIR, DAMMIT! I do NOT like it at this length. :p

I love Allison Iraheta's album to bits. <3 Just thought I'd share that.

Alright, I seriously got like 500 Supernatural animations uploaded to my Imageshack and I got no idea what to do with them now. haha.

Anywhoozers, if any of you guys ever want to get to know me more just ask me for my AIM - or, I guess, look it up on my Profile. Anddd, if anyone's interested, here's my Twitter:


And LJ notifications is FINAALLLYY working so about an hour ago I got, like, a bazillgajillioanelrjawer email messages with comments/replies to entries and went BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH?! haha. It's fun having to sort through and see which ones I've already read. :p

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10-16 inches of snow is heading my way tonight till tomorrow night. An epic fucking blizzard.

If I die, just know I love you all and appreciate all those lovely snowflakes ya gave me. [my first time getting gifts!] And right back at ya!

We're for sure going to lose power, which is gonna suck, cause I gotta type a paper.

I ended up not going to school today cause of cramps but that's alright; most schools are getting out early anyways.

Btw, I've not been getting LJ notifications so I'll reply to comments when I do. haha


Oh and rec me some Wincest/J2 fics before I die! [FYI I only read fics with sex, cause I'm a perv like that. And I totally don't mind ANY kink. ;] ]

Anyways, later, bbs!


Dec. 3rd, 2009 10:03 pm
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This is going to be mainly a rant, so just skip it if you want.

My day started off okay enough but now I've just been pissed off since I got out of school. Weird, right? You'd think I'd be happy getting out of school.

Well, one, ABC cancelled Adam's performance at Kimmel AND the NYE thing. I was so fucking pissed about that last night, you don't even know. -shudders- And two, my Zune isnt working - it's not syncing, not charging right and now the device isn't even recognized at all. And I dont have enough money to buy another music player - I'm thinking about going back to an iPod.
And, my Dad is pissed at me because I was pissy with him on the phone about my Zune after he'd been trying to 'help' me with it and pretty much hung up on me. My mother called me bawling - whats new? - and I just ended up hanging up on her too because I was already angry and she was just making me more upset - so now she's probably upset with me, as well. And my grandfather is being a fucking drama queen because of something I said - JOKINGLY, mind you - but he uses his 'broken heart' as an excuse all the time now that I just don't even care anymore. He wants me to come down for a week for xmas break but I just dont know now. We got in an argument the time I was down there this summer and he didn't talk to me for a whole day; I dunno if I wanna deal with that again.

The ONLY good things right now is the new photoshoot pics from the People magazine of Adam; they are GORGEOUS and as soon as that mag is out I'm heading out and buying it, stat.
And also I seem to be good/almost ahead with credits in school so if I can take Government and Econ this summer than this year would be my last. Which is amazing because I'm only a junior. So if it all works out I will be pretty stoked. but I will be MAJORLY pissed if they try to make me come back for gym. :/

I've had this plot bunny in my head for a few days now and I'm just wondering if I should write the fic for it...itd be unlike anything I've ever written. hmm. I'll consider it. haha
[Is it weird that I always think of my ~best ideas right before I fall asleep? haha]

Edit: Okay and Eminem can go fucking fuck himself and die. Leave Adam the fuck alone; goddamn.
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Fuck you America, Fuck. You.

So you'll let some woman beating asshole perform on your show but not a gay man? Just proves Adams point that violence is okay but homosexuality - or sexuality in general, is not.

ABC/GMA; your homophobia is showing. And I want to shoot you.

Thanksgiving was meh. My aunt said she saw Adam on t.v. and then I was asking where at and the people in the living room started talking about him, I guess and I heard my Uncle finish with 'for a queer.' I didn't hear the rest of what Barb was saying cause my gut felt so twisted. I was in a pretty bad mood for the rest of the day and just listened to my Zune.

Though I thought WWDD? [What Would Dean Do?] and ate some pie. Mmmm pumpkin. *slurps* Just ate another slice while watching the SPN re-run. Good God Ya'll. haha

But, yeah, homophobia is the number 1111111111111111111111111 [meaning number ONE] thing that annoys/irritates/aggravates/pisses me off. It makes me mad like nothing else does, which is saying something cause I actually don't get mad easily. Then I came home, read some fic and read that they're letting Chris Brown perform on GMA next week and I wanted to puke. God I hate society.

Probably going to do a bit of shopping for Black Friday tomorrow but I'm not sure when I'm getting up. Just wanted to get and/or look at a few things anyways.

I've always hated family get togethers/holidays and today just further proves my point that I'd rather be Dean and have a Sammy<3. I'd rather have their fucked up life than this one.
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I love every bit of it; like, everything. The concept, the costumes, the lighting/look of it and Adam looks so hoootttttt. dayyummm.

I swear it is like my favorite music video EVER!

I don't care if you don't like Adam - or if you don't know who he is - WATCH IT!

That vid beter work dammit.

And this morning I was EXTREMELY pissed off because we learned he's not going to be performing on GMA because of the performance at the AMAs. I was about ready to shoot a cat when Tommy [the guitarist, I believe] said that they would be on the Early Show instead. Soo muahahahha SCREW YOU ABC; YOUR STATION SUCKS ANYWAYS!

Anyhoo, I'm going to be leaving tomorrow for my grandma's for Tgiving. I'm still going to have internet access though, I'll just be...somewhere...else...haha

I gotta remind myself to record SPN on Dec 10 cause it's the re-run of The End - only my favorite SPN episode of season five so far. :DD
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I...Adams perfomance last night shocked the hell outta me, to say the least. I KNEW it was going to be provocative, yes, but I was NOT fully expecting...well, what happened. Haha It was hot as hell though and I loooved it. the men on chains and leashes, crotch grabbing, the sucking face he did with Tommy and just guuhhh. His voice was a leeettle off but it was when he performed there on the finale too. That and I'm sure he was hella nervous.
I was kinda :/ about the whole thing last night cause I had no idea how people would react to it but, thankfully, most of the reviews are good. Comments? Not so much. haha Buuuut I still adore him and that's all that matters. :p My mom enjoyed the performance too and called me from the hospital to say how much she loved it. Grandma...ehhhhh not so much. Still loves his voice but not that performance.

Overall, loved it. Had to watch it a few times to really SEE it though. I was most worried about that fall though - was so afraid he was gonna tumble off the stage. :/ Still pissed they edited out the blowjob simulation for the West Coast but whatever. Discriminatioonn

But, srsly, if that's how his solo tour's gonna be? SIGN ME UP FOR FIFTY!

Oh, I went driving for the first time yesterday....~in the dark. As spongebob would say. It actually wasn't as freaky as i thought it would be so hallelujah
Just getting that much closer to being ready to get my license.

Had to go outside for a half hour fire drill earlier. That sucked loads. And this room is fucking hot as haaallee. Damn.



Nov. 20th, 2009 10:56 pm
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Just wanted to say quick hey-dee ho-dere [I dunno] to all my new friends from the Supernatural Hellatus meme. Welcome and feel free to comment whenever/whereever!
Just a fair warning that I tend to be very spazzy so just ignore it if it bugs you. :p

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii just read an interview - of sorts - with Eric Kripke and I am about to shit my pants with glee. That is all. I don't want to spoil. :p

And I am VERY happy for Jensen and the fact he FINAALLLY gets to do something he's wanted to do since season one; so, congrats to him! -throws confetti-

And on the other hand, I'm very pissed because for some reason my Last.FM pages plays restarted back to zero when I'd had close to fifteen thousand. -sighs- The plays on the artists stayed the same but at the top in total plays it says like fifty something, I belive. FML.

Weekend finaallllyyy - Fridays are now my new happy day instead of Thursdays. Planning on going to the mall with Breanna tomorrow for her birthday and then ADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM on the AMA's on Sunday. And it's gonna be good. Like, omg-did-that-just-happen-yes-it-did-fml-i'm-not-that-awesome-i-deserve-to-die good. Yeah. Be prepared.

I am wanting to watch the Bad Day at Black Rock episode very very much right now but my dad's taking his lunch break and coming home and he's already watched 5x10 so I doubt he'll want to watch another one. Even though we rented season one and two last month and watched them all. haha But now I bought all four seasons so I can watch them whenever.....wherever.....

Anyways, my leg hurts. And my head is itchy. Good day.



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