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Because I know no one really wants to read this but if I don't say it I'll explode:

Ranty rant that rants )

LOL That probably offended a lot of people but, I feel loads better.
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Fuck you America, Fuck. You.

So you'll let some woman beating asshole perform on your show but not a gay man? Just proves Adams point that violence is okay but homosexuality - or sexuality in general, is not.

ABC/GMA; your homophobia is showing. And I want to shoot you.

Thanksgiving was meh. My aunt said she saw Adam on t.v. and then I was asking where at and the people in the living room started talking about him, I guess and I heard my Uncle finish with 'for a queer.' I didn't hear the rest of what Barb was saying cause my gut felt so twisted. I was in a pretty bad mood for the rest of the day and just listened to my Zune.

Though I thought WWDD? [What Would Dean Do?] and ate some pie. Mmmm pumpkin. *slurps* Just ate another slice while watching the SPN re-run. Good God Ya'll. haha

But, yeah, homophobia is the number 1111111111111111111111111 [meaning number ONE] thing that annoys/irritates/aggravates/pisses me off. It makes me mad like nothing else does, which is saying something cause I actually don't get mad easily. Then I came home, read some fic and read that they're letting Chris Brown perform on GMA next week and I wanted to puke. God I hate society.

Probably going to do a bit of shopping for Black Friday tomorrow but I'm not sure when I'm getting up. Just wanted to get and/or look at a few things anyways.

I've always hated family get togethers/holidays and today just further proves my point that I'd rather be Dean and have a Sammy<3. I'd rather have their fucked up life than this one.


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