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So after that big ass post a few days ago I got some more details and info on what people would like to see.
I've narrowed location down between being a post in my journal or a new community.

Some people seem to have issues with commenting in a personal journal - a wariness that I don't understand in the slightest.

However, because I want this to be fair and something that everyone wants, I've made a new poll with a new question and a bonus question.

Choose one or the other - the one that wins this poll will be the one that we'll do.

Please note that if the community option is chosen I will need at least two or three other people to help me moderate the comments. So if you'd be interested in doing that, please also comment below.

[Poll #1644837]

Again, please spread this link around in your journals to keep awareness of what we're trying to accomplish up.

Also, please follow the designated Twitter that was created to keep you updated on whats happening. We only have about 9 followers so far so please follow if you have a Twitter.

The Twitter is here

Thanks again for your input and I truly hope we can get this up and going by Friday.
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If you're a fan of Supernatural -and you keep up somewhat with fandom- then you'll know what a disaster the majority of fandom has been this season thus far. Wank expands across every community and it's basically impossible to escape it.

I know myself, and so many others too, are getting fucking sick of all the hating and negativity people are showing the show. And since some people don't seem to get a clue that if you don't like it, don't watch it, I'm going to propose a plan.

Going by how quickly it catches on or if people like the idea, we can start it immediately next week.

The idea is this:

I would love to make a place where, before the show, all LOVING SUPERNATURAL FANS can come to squee and flail and just show their general excitement for the show.

It'd go throughout the episode and people can talk with each other as its airing if you so desire.

There are a few rules it would require, of course, the main being absolutely no wank whatsoever.

+There would be NO character bashing allowed [There's a difference between saying "Oh Sam ytf did you do that?" and "Sam you're a fucking idiot I hate you."].

+No excessive hating on the episode [if you say you're not feeling this episode, fine, BUT ONLY ONCE. Repeatedly going on about how much this episode sucks will just get you kicked out.]

+No 'moar *insert character here*'

Obviously more rules could be added if this idea comes to being.

Now the most important question: where would this take place? I really don't want to create a comm as I do want this to be somewhat private [not elite, mind you, just not something that absolutely EVERYONE knows about] and while AIM could be cool with the chatroom feature, I just don't know if that would work.

I would prefer to do it in my own journal where I could easily moderate and ban strays if need be. I'm not going to be some strict 'no you dont say that' bitch; the only things I'd be looking for is violations of the things I said above.

However, if you think a community would be better, feel free to comment and we can discuss. There are benefits to a community such as moderated entrance, friends-locking posts so only members can see, etc.

Overall this is going to be a haven by a fan for ALL fans of Supernatural that still love and have faith in the show, so give me any input or comments you have as this is for you.

Honestly I'm not trying to gain anything personally by this [as I know some would assume I'm doing] or trying to start some sort of fan war. I am just one of the many fans that is fed up completely with the complete lack of respect for the show that so many have been showing it this season.

And a poll to make things easier:
[Poll #1644283]

I would appreciate any and all comments or feedback you have. If you agree with the idea, let me know, think it'd be a waste of time? Let me know.

Please advertise this post in your journals and get your friends to come vote and participate if they feel the same as we do. I need a lot more feedback than just the votes from my flist. If this is going to happen, I'd love more fans to join and not just the SPN fans I know.

I hope this works out because I really, really want to be able to talk about Show with people again without fearing going into a comm and immediately wanting to leave.


[I made this up rather quickly so be sure to check back for edits/updates after people show interest - if they show interest.]

Edit 1: I have made a post advertisting this poll on Tumblr, right here at this link so please Reblog or Like if you have a Tumblr.

Edit 2: If this happens and the option chosen is that it will be in my journal, I think banners will be necessary to advertise every Friday before a show to let people know and give a reminder to those who want to join. I'd be willing to make a few and anyone else who is fond of making graphics can do so too.

Edit 3: At this point and time the best bet for the idea is either in my journal or a newly made community. The time difference is a big contributing factor as to why a chatroom wouldn't work - and plus if it were an LJ post it would be open for hours before and after the ep was over so people could continue to talk if they wanted. And also so those who work/don't watch until later can still come in and participate.
If you're still really into the chatroom idea let me know and we can talk it through.

Edit 4: So at this stage it's been decided by me and the commenters here that our best bet is a journal post here. Because of the time difference and the fact I know Europeans will want to participate too, the post will be opened about noon on Friday and remain open until midnight. If someone feels we should have two posts - one at noon until 5 or so and then another - just tell me your thoughts.

I do have a fairly easy class schedule - every other week it will be posted a bit later, around 12:30 because I have a class until noon. On the other ones it will be posted exactly at noon since I have no class.

I am going to be making a Twitter that people can follow to let them know when the posts are up and any changes that are made to the process or anything else that may need to be said. I'll reply to each comment here with the link after I've made it.

At this stage all I can ask is that you please advertise this. Advertise this post, the idea, my name, the Twitter - if people don't know about it, no one will come.

First thing on my agenda is to make the Twitter [so follow that if you want updates as otherwise you'll have no idea when its taking place] then I will start on a couple of graphics to use for advert banners that we can spread around LJ.

If this gets popular enough to where a community is actually needed we can discuss that when we get to it. Best bet now is a post here. After the Twitter is set up I'm going to also make a poll to decide whether we should have rewatch posts as well for the Fridays that there's no episode on.

I want to thank you all for your interest and really hope you won't leave this idea behind after showing your support and will truly get behind it and will help me to ensure it becomes a success.

The Twitter account is Here. Please follow and RT to let people know of its existence.

Edit: not sure if people are tracking this post or not, but there's an updated location poll right Here
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I've been thinking strongly lately about doing a rec post every week, or every two weeks on my journal. Like, one day of the week and I will post recs to my fave fics I've read recently [I'm going through hundreds of them at the moment, most of them older] and then maybe people can also share a few of theirs in the comments. I dunno, I just thought it might be a cool idea.
The main pairings I'm reading right now are just Sam/Dean, Jared/Jensen and Holmes/Watson though, but I may occasionally post other things. Like I read Harry Potter fandom slash and also more t.v. shows buuut for now it'll just be those too mainly. If you want to rec something other than that though you can, others may read it, but i probably won't.

I'm just curious if anyone would be interested in participating in this; commenting is NOT a must, I can still post recs even if you don't feel like commenting with your own, but I think a poll is in order, so, without further ado:

[Poll #1526878]

So, yeah, just take a few moments to fill that out if you want; if you're not interested at all obviously just skip on by along your merry way.

[Poll #1526878]
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So last night my dad and I were watching The Simpsons and thank God for that cause we found out KDSM is not going to be on Mediacom after December 31st. And where we live, we're too far down and behind too many trees that we can't get a satellite dish. Soooo we'll have to buy an antennae and box - because the t.v. we have doesn't have a tuner - and it's gonna cost loadsa. SCREW YOU MEDIACOM, I FCKING HAATE YOUUUU! :|

And it's currently -0.0 degrees, according to weatherbug. haha How can it be -0? Wouldn't it just be 0?


I was hoping for a delay but no, our school is evil. I think if the apocalypse had started and demons started eating people in the streets, we would STILL have school. Cause Lord knows none of them would go after the teachers. Meheeeeee

Oh and I want to do some sort of survey thing later on this week/early next week but fiiirrsst I need to know who reads fanfiction and who here reads Wincest/J2. So plleeasseee, when you pass this if you could just take a few seconds to answer the questions then I would know whether or not it'd be worth it to do the poll I want to in the future.
Thanks guys!

[Poll #1499342]Obviously if you don't read fanfiction then there's no reason for you to do the 'what fanfiction do you read' and just click no if you want, or just skip this post.
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Hey guys, if you're one of my SPN-fans friends can you please vote a few times over here?

You can vote as maannnny times as you'd like so I'm kinda going crazy. haha we're ahead of Heroes by over 40,000 buuutt they could catch up.



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