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Hey guys what are some of your favorite Supernatural fanvids? Any genre really, [wincest is adored *cough*] but I've been watching all the ones I've got dled and would like to see more. It's so hard to find good ones though which is why I thought I might ask here first.
I'd rather they weren't on youtube but posted for dl somewhere but if that's where they are, I'll still watch it if you rec it.
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I've been thinking strongly lately about doing a rec post every week, or every two weeks on my journal. Like, one day of the week and I will post recs to my fave fics I've read recently [I'm going through hundreds of them at the moment, most of them older] and then maybe people can also share a few of theirs in the comments. I dunno, I just thought it might be a cool idea.
The main pairings I'm reading right now are just Sam/Dean, Jared/Jensen and Holmes/Watson though, but I may occasionally post other things. Like I read Harry Potter fandom slash and also more t.v. shows buuut for now it'll just be those too mainly. If you want to rec something other than that though you can, others may read it, but i probably won't.

I'm just curious if anyone would be interested in participating in this; commenting is NOT a must, I can still post recs even if you don't feel like commenting with your own, but I think a poll is in order, so, without further ado:

[Poll #1526878]

So, yeah, just take a few moments to fill that out if you want; if you're not interested at all obviously just skip on by along your merry way.

[Poll #1526878]
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10-16 inches of snow is heading my way tonight till tomorrow night. An epic fucking blizzard.

If I die, just know I love you all and appreciate all those lovely snowflakes ya gave me. [my first time getting gifts!] And right back at ya!

We're for sure going to lose power, which is gonna suck, cause I gotta type a paper.

I ended up not going to school today cause of cramps but that's alright; most schools are getting out early anyways.

Btw, I've not been getting LJ notifications so I'll reply to comments when I do. haha


Oh and rec me some Wincest/J2 fics before I die! [FYI I only read fics with sex, cause I'm a perv like that. And I totally don't mind ANY kink. ;] ]

Anyways, later, bbs!
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I'm sooo fucking tired of opening my WMP every day and listening to the same damn band every single day; I want something new, and fresh.

So can anyone rec me some good songs/bands? Like maybe the top five songs you've been listening to this week or something.

I don't really like country and despise rap but you can see what kind of bands/genres I like on my profile in the HP info box.

Annnyy recs are appreciated as I'm just so bored of the same old thing.

[Btw, I fucking ROTFLCOPTER every time I see my icon. xD EVERY SINGLE TIME! haahah]


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