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So I've spent most of my dad today watching old movies I made yeaarrs ago and reminiscing and crying then laughing and crying some more... anyhow, I then dled a ton of LOTR fanvids from the internetz that I thought had been deleted and was SO HAPPY to see that they weren't and, it got me in the mood to maybe try making a few of my own.

Do I have any fan vid makeres on here that would be willing to give me a few pointers? If not that, then what program do you use to make them? I've tried my hand at WMM, Magix and Adobe Premiere [god that is soooo complicated] but i'm interested in knowing what others have found that work for them.

Any help or advice people can give is much appreciated. :]
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Hey guys what are some of your favorite Supernatural fanvids? Any genre really, [wincest is adored *cough*] but I've been watching all the ones I've got dled and would like to see more. It's so hard to find good ones though which is why I thought I might ask here first.
I'd rather they weren't on youtube but posted for dl somewhere but if that's where they are, I'll still watch it if you rec it.
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Does anyone have an extra or unused Dreamwidth code that you could PM to me? Please? haha I DO intend on using it, so it wouldnt just sit there. I really, really need one right now. haha

If you could do this for me I would appreciate it so, so much. <3


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