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On a more civilized aspect Washington DC was AMAZING. I absolutely loved seeing all the marble stone buildings and monuments.

And on a more naturalistic level, probably Denver. I went hiking up in the mountains with my dad and, my God, some of the most gorgeous scenery there is. <3
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For everyone on my flist this should be incredibly simple:

Middle Earth

I literally day dream about living there every day; I just. -sighs- I would give up all I have or ever will have in a heartbeat if I could just live there. It's partly why I'm moving to New Zealand as it is, to me, the RL world of M-E.

As to where in Middle Earth, that's a tougher question. I would probably say The Shire but I would definitely pay multiple visits to Rivendell, Lothlorien and Minas Tirith.

There is literally nothing I want more than for M-E to be real and for it to be possible to live there. Total dork, right? haha I don't care though - I love it too much. <3

If not that then for the world of Harry Potter. xD I don't want that as much as M-E but, maybe, go to school as a witch at Hogwarts then live in the world of M-E? lol That would be my dream life for sure.
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I loooovve J.R.R. Tolkein's first name for Fellowship of the Ring, which was Return of the Shadow - which is also the name of the first book of the LOTR section for The History of Middle Earth. [I'm ordering all of those, btw. xD /geek]

I don't think I'd change it now, obviously, since FOTR has such an impact but I do think it's a pretty sweet and kick ass name.

Though he needed a serious, serious talking to for ever even CONSIDERING to name Frodo 'Bingo.' -shudders- God, nooooooo. [Just another fascinating thing I learned in HOME. haha. And that was just with skimming. He changed a lot of names, actually. Aragorn - Strider - was going to be Trotter at first. 0_0]
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Glee.'s stupid and IDGI. Don't want to get it, either. I have enough highschool in my life, don't need to be watching it too.
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Pretty much any Florence + the Machine song makes me get goosebumps but ESPECIALLY "Cosmic Love." I cry every single time I listen to it, mainly because of association with other things. I'm also planning on using it for a fanmix and being the lead track.

Also "Gollum's Song" from LOTR and "Into the West." I cry at the latter mainly cause, again, association with the movie and the ending of ROTK always makes me cry anyways. xD [I also sob - literally sob - at The Grey Havens song but since that doesnt have lyrics I guess it's not that relevant.]

There's songs that hit me harder at some times and not others and some songs that literally have no meaning but I just absolutely love and can listen to again and again - just depends on my mood, I spose.
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HAH! I'm so in love with fanfiction it's not even funny;... alright, it is kind of funny. I used to be SUCH a bookworm - summer of 06 or 07 I read 100 books - but then I got into fanfiction later 07 and was hooked. I used to only read het but then I ventured to femmeslash then eventually - my now eternal love - slash; and that's all I read. I pretty much refuse to read het.

But yeah I can't see why people should have such a problem with fic - as long as it stays far behind the fourth wall and nothing is ever shown to the actors [specially if it's RPF] then I don't see why it's 'bad.' It's fun to write and entertaining to read - it gives you a chance to see characters you already love in different situations and scenarios. Plus, the slash element that you can basically pair anyone with someone else and make them sexx each other up. That's always nice. ;]
And some of the writers are AMAZING; even better than actual published writers. So when you find a well written fic in your pairing, PLUS your kinks, PLUS an awesome storyline? Yeah, it's like heaven.

Me + fanfiction = OTP [It's fighting candy for the lead.]
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In my opinion there needs to be way less pressure on people to take things like gym and math and more thing like how to do your taxes, who to call when you first move into an apartment and want to set up your electricity and more thing that actually apply to real life. So many things in highschool are so unnecessary and do nothing for you once you actually get out of school.

I am taking Algebra 2 and not only does it suck for me because I am terrible at math and this class could determine whether I graduate early or not -- but, none of this stuff has EVER been used in real life for what I want to do for a job. It is completely ridiculous. At my school three years of math are required but it should only be required up to Algebra 1, maybe Geometry. If you're going to go into a profession where you KNOW you're going to need accelerated math/science/history or whatever then yes you should take as high as you can go of classes on the subject. But for someone like me who's going to be a graphic designer [or a photographer] these skills will mean NOTHING to me in the real world.

It sounds like childish whining, I'm aware, but when a class and subject you suck at, and one that is completely unnecessary, could hang between the balance of you graduating to actually go do a job where you WON'T EVEN DO THAT SUBJECT IN is just pathetic and totally unfair.

They put way too much emphasis on the wrong parts of academics these days. Then again the whole educational system sucks so :p
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Eragon. Absolute WORST movie adaptation from a book ever. I was extremely disappointed in its entirety and am glad they are not making Eldest. For one it was too short, not enough - if any - character development, the voice of Saphira was all off, thing moved way too fast [that along with the length of film made for a very, very fast paced goes-no where-quickly film] and they left out a lot of key points from the book. Not to mention I hated the guy who played Eragon. Can't act, y/y? So, yeah, was not happy in the theater

The Lovely Bones and The Golden Compass had a pretty accurate depiction of the books and was quite happy especially with The Golden Compass; surprised it didn't do better than it did.
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I don't know if this counts but I LOATHE the usage of "You're gay." as an insult. Since when - and how  - is that a decent comeback? By using the word in that way you're making it derogatory and symbolizing that it stands for something bad or annoying.

Such as also when people say ___ is so gay. Same thing. You're making it seem like it's a terrible thing and putting sexuality on an object - how is that right or even remotely make any sense?

It's such a commonly used phrase in schools nowaday and I hate all that it stands for and means. I wish we'd all go back to 'Cool beans.' :p
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I'm really weird with criticism - I'll ask for it but deep down it's like I don't really want it [or maybe deep down..I do want it...I don't know, I can't tell.] But I have a tendency to get all offended if someone puts down something I made [I don't EVER want crit on my graphics; I make them how I want and so no one can tell me what I want is /wrong/] like fanfic or something. If someone puts down my writing I tend to overreact and feel like I should never write again and feel so embarassed like what could have EVER possibly possessed me to write when it's clear I suck. I tend to be pretty critical of myself as well too though and most of the time I don't post half the stuff I finish. Or I'll rush to get something finished just to get reviews. I've gotten better at that though - it's not about getting the feedback, it's about you being proud of your work and loving what you did. I used to just write to get praise in 07 and I'm so glad I've seen the error of my ways now.

And in school most of the time when I get feedback on my assignments in writing or just other schoolwork I don't read it. It's like I don't want to be wrong or something. I dunno...I'm weird with criticism. :p
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Ever since I got into Supernatural I've had a greater love for urban legends and that only grew when I did a powerpoint on it for class. I like all the urban legends but the one that probably spooks me the most is the Bloody Mary one. -shivers- And my favorite is...hmm..well I guess I like all of them. They're really interesting though, I'll admit, sometimes spooky.
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Rapunzel or some other fairy tale where I could be the princess/damsel and my true love/shining white knight could come rescue me....then again, having a bad boy knight wouldn't be so bad either. ;]

Actually I think I'd just want to be an invisible person on the SPN show and watch them film, not that that has anything really to do with the question but....ya know. xD
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Buy 'em a star. Or a black hole. lmaaoooo
I've always wanted a star named after me; it's pretty sweet.

Or just be a cheeseball and give them a card that says 'love'. :p


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