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Cause [ profile] cherie_morte  wanted it. :p

Warning: This movie is extremely cheesy but sweet. And Jared looks too adorable in his scarves and sweaters. Watch at your own risk. YE WERE WARNED!


Again, feel free to pass around/share. :] Psst, if you want something uploaded, just ask, I may have it.

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Hey guys, so I was watching Ten Inch Hero today - my fave bits with Priestly - and decided I'd like to share. I know there's people that haven't seen it that I want to, so, here's a download link.

Feel free to spread it around on your own flist or whatever. In my opinion EVERYONE should see this movie. haha Not only is Jensen in eyeliner, he wears a fucking kilt. Yeah. He went there. :p

Anyways, the Christmas Cottage movie with Jared is on now but I'm gonna wait till 10 to watch it when it's over so I can skip the commercials. xD

Muse is going to be on SNL tonight, so if you like them check it out! I'm pretty excited for it myself, they always sound amazing live.

In the meantime I think I'm just gonna play a little GTA Liberty City stories. ;] I used to play that game when I was, like, 12 and I called it The Driving Game. I didn't do any of the storylines or anything, I just drove around and stole cars. haha [And slept with the prostitutes.]

I downloaded Ke$ha's cd annnd I like it; it's pretty cool. I have a feeling she's the type of singer who's more of an entertainer live and sounds like shit live, but, whatever. Her songs are all about sex drugs or partying soooo yeah. I likes.

Uhhhhh, well, I'm at a loss. I think I'll just browse around for some userpics to upload; I still haven't done that and I can do 102 now. YEEESSSS!


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