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Thanks to [ profile] klutzy_girl I now know that Supernatural re-runs are going to start airing with the Pilot on TNT 10 AM ET, on Jan 4th. Unfoooortunately, I stil have sucky school so I will never be able to watch them, and recording them is pointless seeing as I have all the DVDs. :| So not amused. They couldn't have put them on at a later time? I mean, really? I'd like to flip through channels and just randomly see SPN but nooooo. I was always curious as to whether or not this would happen - I mean, I always wondered why I never saw re-runs on and nooowww it happens and I won't be able to watch. This. This is why school is the Devil. :|

This hellatus is seriously killing me; I've been rewatching episodes like mad lately. I think I watched that 'promise' scene in Playthings like fifty times last night. Especially after reading that in the original script they were supposed to lean their forheads together but apparently the director - damn whomever that is - thought it was 'too much.' DAMN YOOUUUUU! We barely get enough brotherly luff as it is and now you're taking more from us that WAS in the script? SCREWWW YOUUUUU!
January 21st is so far away.

I dled Blonde last night so now I can finally watch that epic Jensen-in-kimono dancing bit. hehehehe No, I still haven't watched it and I won't have time to tonight either. :[

Anyone noticed how hard it is to find decent Supernatural wallpapers? I have. So if you happen to know of some good ones, please, throw 'em my way. I beg of you.


Tomorrow is back to school. Le bleh. I'm hoping for a day off on Tuesday though because it's only supposed to be 8 degrees and normally we don't have school when it's that cold out. Who knows though. I just gotta get through this week and then it's two weeks of xmas break.
The second week I'll be going to Arizona so I wont be online at all unless I can get to San Manuel's miniscule library; my grandfather refuses to get a computer.

Anyways, Adam's going to be on Conan tomorrow and I is exciiitteeee!

So yeah....what's up with all of you? haha
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So today did not feel like all. haha But, alas, it is, and so now I got the weekend off.

I finally finished re-watching season three of Supernatural today. My dad just left and we finished the last episode together - he's already watched like every ep with me. And it's a good thing he was here or else I probably would have started crying again. I can't stand it when Dean dies in Mystery Spot, goes to hell or the end and beginning of AHBL 1 & 2. I just...gjlawejrlawejr

And the parts - especially in the last ep of season three - when they talk about being each others weaknesses and just that whole speech before they leave to get Lillith is just pretty much a Wincest-ers wet dream. haha And, I am, so I always love those talks. :D Hee. It's true what I read once that even if you read well written gen that stays true to characaters it's STILL like Wincest, to a point, because their lives are all about each other and no one else. So...yeah. It's totally the OTP. [Sorry, not a fan of Dean/Castiel AT ALL.] Funny thing is my dad knows I ship it so he's always making fun of what they say to each other and when they say 'you're my weakness' he goes 'you're my g-spot.' It never fails to crack me up that he seems fine/goes along with my crazy ships. ;]

Anywaaaaaaaaays, we got so much snow right now; and it's sooo fucking cold out, it's insane. Luckily we shouldn't be getting anymore for the next few days so hopefully this 'warmer' - shyeah 30 degrees - weather should get rid of some of it. I hate the ice though and I'm already tip-toeing through the school parking lot. This is gonna suuccckkk.

So I've been making icons for the past few days and I dunno whether I should post them...I dont' really think they're all that good, really. The one I'm using for this entry I made and all the others are from Bedtime Stories, as well, but the coloring's not the same in all of them.

And I still have a few plot bunnies for fics that I don't know whether I'll write or not. I still don't think I'm that great of a writer either.

Adam went to the z100's Jingle Ball tonight and hosted and was just pretty, as usual. Heres my fave pic from it. Oh, and remind me not to read comments anywhere but at the IDF forums cause I'm so sick of wanting to kill people that say things like 'he's a waste of breath.' Ignorant people. -shoots them all-

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Hey guys, if you're one of my SPN-fans friends can you please vote a few times over here?

You can vote as maannnny times as you'd like so I'm kinda going crazy. haha we're ahead of Heroes by over 40,000 buuutt they could catch up.

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I am getting depressed over the amount of people who want Sam and Dean to die at the end of the series. I mean...seriously? You REALLY want them to DIE?! I mean, come on! They've already gone through so much shit, why cant they have a happy ending? Well, as happy as their ending could be. I know it would be all 'poetic' if they both died saving the world or sacrificing themselves but NO! I don't want that at all. I want happiness and unicorns that shit rainbows. What I don't wat more than that though is for one to survive while the other dies - THAT I absolutely could NOT handle. I think I'd be broken. So, if one dies, the other must - but I dont want them to die at all so I'm trying not to think about that road. I'm really hoping Kripke won't read all that shit about "POETIC ENDINGZZ THEY BOTH DED!!!11111!" and just does what he wants [as long as that entails survival. ;] ]. What with talks of a sixth season, I highly doubt he'd kill them off anyways.
Most people, it seems, aren't even interested in a sixth season and arent planning on watching past this finale so I REALLY hope it still gets made. :/

That was just something that had been bugging me for the past few days and I needed to let it out.

Btw, to all my new friends, - so excited to have all you! - I just wanted to let you know that I will try try try to comment on your entries. I go through my flist very quickly throughout the day and don't always remember to stop and read personal entries. But I promise you I will do my best; just know I won't comment /just/ to comment. If what you're talking about interests me or if I have something to say I'll comment, but I won't just be all like "that's nice" or whatever, cause that's pointless.

Anyways, just waiting for my dad to get up so I can go to the mall with my friend. *sighs* He's taking foreevverrrr. :/


Nov. 20th, 2009 10:56 pm
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Just wanted to say quick hey-dee ho-dere [I dunno] to all my new friends from the Supernatural Hellatus meme. Welcome and feel free to comment whenever/whereever!
Just a fair warning that I tend to be very spazzy so just ignore it if it bugs you. :p

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii just read an interview - of sorts - with Eric Kripke and I am about to shit my pants with glee. That is all. I don't want to spoil. :p

And I am VERY happy for Jensen and the fact he FINAALLLY gets to do something he's wanted to do since season one; so, congrats to him! -throws confetti-

And on the other hand, I'm very pissed because for some reason my Last.FM pages plays restarted back to zero when I'd had close to fifteen thousand. -sighs- The plays on the artists stayed the same but at the top in total plays it says like fifty something, I belive. FML.

Weekend finaallllyyy - Fridays are now my new happy day instead of Thursdays. Planning on going to the mall with Breanna tomorrow for her birthday and then ADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM on the AMA's on Sunday. And it's gonna be good. Like, omg-did-that-just-happen-yes-it-did-fml-i'm-not-that-awesome-i-deserve-to-die good. Yeah. Be prepared.

I am wanting to watch the Bad Day at Black Rock episode very very much right now but my dad's taking his lunch break and coming home and he's already watched 5x10 so I doubt he'll want to watch another one. Even though we rented season one and two last month and watched them all. haha But now I bought all four seasons so I can watch them whenever.....wherever.....

Anyways, my leg hurts. And my head is itchy. Good day.


yu srs?

Nov. 19th, 2009 09:45 pm
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Okay Supernatural Haha, that's all I can say..oh, and

It's supposed - well, at least I'd read, that it was coming back Jan 14th but now it's the 21st and THAT PISSES ME THE FUCK OFFFFFFF. Goddamn liars.

On a happy note the asylum episode looks freaking fantastic and I'm so SO stoked for that. Like REALLY. This is like fanfic and awesomeness all rolled into one little show. haha They really looked INSANE in the promo so, yeah....BRING MEZ JANUARY PLZ?!

Anyways, under the cut as to prevent ~spoilers, I'm gonna talk more about the Supernatural episode. I still don't feel like writing a five thousand word essay entry about what's going on my life. :|

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