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In my opinion there needs to be way less pressure on people to take things like gym and math and more thing like how to do your taxes, who to call when you first move into an apartment and want to set up your electricity and more thing that actually apply to real life. So many things in highschool are so unnecessary and do nothing for you once you actually get out of school.

I am taking Algebra 2 and not only does it suck for me because I am terrible at math and this class could determine whether I graduate early or not -- but, none of this stuff has EVER been used in real life for what I want to do for a job. It is completely ridiculous. At my school three years of math are required but it should only be required up to Algebra 1, maybe Geometry. If you're going to go into a profession where you KNOW you're going to need accelerated math/science/history or whatever then yes you should take as high as you can go of classes on the subject. But for someone like me who's going to be a graphic designer [or a photographer] these skills will mean NOTHING to me in the real world.

It sounds like childish whining, I'm aware, but when a class and subject you suck at, and one that is completely unnecessary, could hang between the balance of you graduating to actually go do a job where you WON'T EVEN DO THAT SUBJECT IN is just pathetic and totally unfair.

They put way too much emphasis on the wrong parts of academics these days. Then again the whole educational system sucks so :p


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